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Cheyannah's Pagan Goddess Rosary Beads


Goddess Rosary Braclet
Christain Rosary


Pagan Goddess Rosary Beads

Handmade and designed by myself, beautiful rosary beads, my beads are unique, you will never find another one like it on any site, they are devided into three sections, each of the three sections represent maiden, mother and crone,in white, dark gray, and black pearl beads, each of these three sections has thirteen beads representing the thirteen full moons, the four divider beads represent each phase of the moon (as I see them) full, half, dark and new in white, lt gray, black and dark gray and there are four element beads below the pentagram finder representing air, fire, water, and earth in glass faceted beads in yellow, red, green and blue, finally a large white pearl representing the Goddess Gaia. included with each rosary a prayer list for each bead.
Bead Prayers

Price includes...
Rosary beads, small draw string bag, rosary bead prayers, plus all shipping costs

Larger Discription of Rosary
Large pictures of the Rosary below also shows you where each bead is, and a more detailed look of the Rosary.

*is a mistake I made in this Rosary...I switched around the beads by mistake,
the order of the Element beads will be as follows..
Air (yellow), Fire (red), Water (blue), Earth (green).

Click onto the order form and copy and paste it into the e-mail and send it to me, I will start your beads when I recieve it. You can choose payment type next, paypal, or send check or money order to the address on the order form.

Order Form

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