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New Moon Bead..
by the new moon,
I bind unto my self today the
youthfulness of the Maiden.

Meditate on the Presence of the Maiden
On each Maiden Bead say..
Maiden daughter so young and free,
dance your youthful beauty around me!

Full Moon Bead..
By the full moon,
I bind unto myself today the
Power of our Mother.

Meditate on the Presence of the Mother
On each Mother Bead say..
Earth Mother of fertility ,
bring peace and fulfilment to me!

Dark Moon Bead..
by the dark moon,
I bind unto myself today the
Wisdom of the Crone.

Meditate on the Presence of the Crone
On each Crone Bead say..
Grandmother giver of knowledge of whats to be,
teacher of wisdom come to me,

Cesent Moon Bead..
By the ceresent moon,
I bind unto myself today the
Fertility, Power, and Wisdom of the Goddess.

Goddess Medal
Lady of the moon how bright you shine,
powers of mother Earth, You who are the Divine,
Bring me Peace from Union with You,
Our Voices and Souls are joined in all that I do.

Air Bead
Spirits of air you sing through the trees
with power of inspiration
in the swirling of a warm breeze,

Fire bead
spirits of Fire you warm my soul,
and light my days,
by Power of passion
and the glowing sun rays

Water Bead
Spirits of water wash over me,
with power of intuition,
by river, stream and sea.

Earth Bead
spirts of Earth I'm rooted in deep,
in your power of manifestation
of ancient secrets you keep

Goddess bead (long)

Maiden of light and Mother of Love, Crone of Wisdom, she who guides all who seek her vision, I chant for thee! My heart has been heavy and my vision blinded by those who seek to cause confusion within my life, I beckon thee and I plea for the many blessings that await me, protect me! I chant for thee and I call forth my Sister, my Mother and my Grandmother, she who is all three, I chant for thee and with each call I cast out doubt, I cast out unhappiness and I cast off the chains and restraints that bound me, holding me back from my goals which are within my grasp, I chant for thee little sister, I chant for thee Mother and I chant for thee Grandmother, send forth your light, love and guidance, for my heart is now open and my thoughts are now pure, I live within the moment and I strive for a better tomorrow, send forth all that I need to accomplish and achieve my life’s work and I return to thee my devotion, my loyalty and my respect! So mote it be!